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Ground Your Energy

A all encompassing spiritual experience. Awakening the 12 DNA layers to their full potential in this lifetime.

About Carl Nissen

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About Carl Nissien

Carl has a deep understanding of human physiology, transforming the ego and self healing. In his travels he met many great teachers and Masters of the human vessel and soul.

Though a series of powerful and painful experiences, carl has overcome addictions, mental health challenges, physical disability and disease through the power of self healing & divine wisdom.

  • Level 3 EHF Master Teacher.
  • Level 2 Chi-Gong.
  • Spiritual Psychology Coach.
  • 12 Step Program Teacher.
  • Group Facilitator. 
  • Business Owner.
  • 1 on 1 Sessions ~ Energy Healing Facilitation 125$
  • Ear Candling 60$
  • Group Sessions. Meditation Classes Courses
  • Online self learning In person EHF level 1 Group Class


The Quan Yin Virtual Class ~ 8 PDF Courses

This all in one course is channeled through the Quan Yin gate, including the steps to enlightenment, and transforming the ego.


EHF 1 on 1 - In Person / Distance Healing

Energy Healing Facilitation.
Connecting to your soul partner to aid in clearing and healing PEMS. This is a step up from Reiki.


EHF Level 1 - In Person Class

Channeled through the Quan Yin divine feminine Gate. We will show you how to re-orient the soul to better heal the body.
2 Day intensive in-person course.


EHF - Ear Candeling

This ear candling session is much more in-depth. Everything we hear is stored in the cochlea. In this session we take care of the stored energy in this area.


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