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EHF is short for Energy Healing Facilitation, EHF is an accelerated path to ascension for those who seek self love, self healing and self mastery.

About Carl Nissen

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About Carl Nissen

Carl has a deep understanding of human physiology, psychology,  transforming the ego and self healing. In his travels he met many great teachers and Masters of the human vessel and soul who have showed him a path of self healing and self love.

Though a series of powerful and painful experiences, carl has overcome addictions, mental health challenges, physical disability and disease through the power of self healing & divine wisdom

Carl has devoted his life to this path of self healing and helping others who seek a similar life.

  • Level 3 EHF Mastery.
  • EHF Sound Healing
  • EHF Ear Candling.
  • Qi Energy Work level 2.
  • Spiritual Psychologist.
  • 12 Step Coach.
  • Group Facilitator. 
  • Meditation Teacher.
  • Motivational Speaker.


The Quan Yin Virtual Class ~ 8 PDF Courses

This all in one course is channeled through the Quan Yin gate, including the steps to enlightenment, and transforming the ego.


EHF 1 on 1 - In Person / Distance Healing

Energy Healing Facilitation.
Connecting to your soul partner to aid in clearing and healing PEMS. This is a step up from Reiki.

$125 /h

EHF Level 1 - In Person Class

Channeled through the Quan Yin divine feminine Gate. We will show you how to re-orient the soul to better heal the body.
2 Day intensive in-person course.


EHF - Ear Candeling

This ear candling session is much more in-depth. Everything we hear is stored in the cochlea. In this session we take care of the stored energy in this area.

New Birth Energy Work

Bringing new life to the world is a gift and honor. This energy work includes sessions before and during birth if requested. The EHF practitioner works on mom and dad, Grounding & opening the chakras and moving energy to allow for a smooth transition. During birth the EHF practitioner may also work on nurses and midwives to keep the energy stable and flowing.

$125 /h

End of life Energy Services

Easy the passing of loved ones to the next step in their journey. Includes education of the Life death Life process and gentle energy work that opens and aligns the chakras for easy passing between stages. This is a sacred gift and an honour to perform.

$125 /h

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